Book Thoughts: On My Favourite Childhood Reads

Hello and welcome to another edition of Eilis Has Some Opinions (and sorry I've taken a mini-hiatus recently - life's gotten a lil' on top of me!). Inspired by recently remembering how much I adore the Edge Chronicles, this time we're talking books from my childhood, the ones I love dearly, remember fondly and need… Continue reading Book Thoughts: On My Favourite Childhood Reads


The Sunday Sit-Down: July 7

Phew. That's all I can say about getting to the end of this week. To be quite honest, it's been a bit rough. Sadly, I experienced a death in the family less than two weeks ago, and it's been hard to return to blogging and working and socialising as normal, whilst still waiting for the… Continue reading The Sunday Sit-Down: July 7

Down to DNF: On Why I’m a Serial Book-Abandoner

DNF is an acronym that's pretty new to me. Only since starting this blog and joining the wonderful bookish community on sites like WordPress and Twitter did I discover that most absolute of phrases: "Did Not Finish", or DNF for short. And when I did find those three little letters, I instantly connected with them.… Continue reading Down to DNF: On Why I’m a Serial Book-Abandoner

Reading Challenged: On Why I Kind Of Hate Goodreads

So, anyone who follows me over on Twitter will have seen me toying with the idea of writing this post. And because I'm bored and stuck in my old uni library on this excessively warm Wednesday (yes, I'm so stressed that I'm hitting the books when I'm meant to be holiday; I'm a mess), I… Continue reading Reading Challenged: On Why I Kind Of Hate Goodreads

The Sunday Sit-Down: June 23

Welcome back to the Sunday Sit-Down, my weekly round-up of everything I've been reading, watching, hearing and enjoying over the past seven days! To be disgustingly cliché, this week has gone by in an absolute blur. Between celebrating at Edinburgh Pride (more on that below), nervously handing in a draft of my second dissertation chapter,… Continue reading The Sunday Sit-Down: June 23

Cover Story: On My Favourite Book Designs

They say not to judge a book by its cover. And you shouldn't, really - but it's so hard to avoid! Covers are one of the primary ways books are marketed to us, after all; you can't really escape a book's visual design when it's seductively staring out at you from a bookshop's beautifully organised… Continue reading Cover Story: On My Favourite Book Designs